Italianiamo: italian language in SL

Italianiamo… part II

Italianiamo starts anew. Or better said, it continues with a new project and renewed energies.

The main idea is to shoot shor stories and learn italian while we are doing something together that we enjoy.

If you want to participate to this project and you speak and undertand some italian come on Tueday nights at 22:30 (CET, 1:30 pm SLT)
(click here for time converter). You can watch a couple of sessions and then decide if you want to became an actor :o) (and as well a director and a script writer, since we all work together at the plot, the dialogues and play a part)

Italianiamo is on break for 1 year. We will be back with new ideas and renowed energies

Teleport to Italianiamo land:

Our blog! to know what we were doing.

* * *

How was Italianiamo part 1 (Finished on the 1st of December)

We payed games, did different activities, chated with friends, made nice excursions… in italian! We had fun and met other Italian learners from all over the world.


Sos italiano

What’s the name of..? What does it mean? Is it right? Is it true that…?
Would you like to have an experienced teacher to ask all those questions to?

Sos Italiano will post on this blog the answer to all your questions. Send a notecard to Annaguest Blinker or put it into the Italianiamo mailbox. You will be able to read the answer in 24-48 hours.

Why Italianiamo and Sos italiano?

Because in Second Life there are plenty of interesting lands, events and occasions to speak Italian. Exploit this 3D world to practice your Italian.

If, while you are talking or exploring wonderful places you have any question on the italian language, you have now a person to ask to.

If you want to meet other avatars that are using Second Life to improve their italian, come to Italianiamo, on Mondays at 1:30 pm SLT.


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